ec2 and multi db

Hi, if I use amazon ec2 is multi db still recommended for a site or is it kind of redundant?

  • aecnu

    Greetings Atlanta,

    I would have to say that even though I personally have not had any direct experience with Amazon, I can say that it sounds just like more sales pitch to me like Unlimited Disk Space or Unlimited Bandwidth rhetoric of others - though I have figured out how they get away with it - I called them confronting them.

    Scalability - I personally offer a hosting package of 1 GB Disk Space and can easily and legitimately say that it offers great scalability - OK Mr. Customer you want/need 5 GB's? I just press a button and it is so.

    Oh you need 500 GB's more, I have a Tech go drop in a hot swap hard disk drive of 500 GB's

    Most of this hype in one way or another is nothing more then sales rhetoric with very little meaning to the real technicians who are very aware of this game.

    For those whom want to know how the Unlimited Disk Space/Bandwidth Rhetoric is facilitated?
    They use file count limits! The limit is arbitrarily determined by how many files you have on the host!

    Cheers, Joe

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