eCommerce Plugin

How can I have multiple options with the Shopping Cart? Such as a starting price of $9.95 and I want to choose Small, Medium, Large, XLarge and XXLarge? The XXLarge I need to add a additional $3.95 and have the ability to Select Name add $4 and the user enters there name in a box to have there name added to the back of the shirt?

First Example:
They want a XXXL Large Shirt with Name printed on the back of the shirt.
The price would be $9.95 + $3.95 for XXXL + $4 Name and Customer enters Name Mike in the text field to go with order.

Second Example:
They want a Medium Size Shirt with Name
The price would be $9.95 + Select Medium Size Shirt + $4 Name and the customer enter Name Joe in the text field to go with the order.

Third Example:
They want a small Shirt no name.
The price would be $9.95 + Select Small Size Shirt.

Actually I joined via the $419 membership because I was told you guys have all the options. However since I joined this morning, I can't seem to find where these additional options are located.