Edit address displayed in Google Map?

I can't get the street address quite right by moving the pin (it needs to be 235 XYZ St. and the closest I can get is 215 XYZ St.). Is there a place I can edit the address that gets displayed?
(Oh, and I should add that Google displays an incorrect location when the correct address is entered...)

  • Mason
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    Hiya mikemp,

    First off, welcome to WPMU DEV! :slight_smile:

    I haven't seen this error crop up before. The plugin pulls all information from google maps. What happens when you enter in that address or try to drop a pin directly at maps.google.com?

    If it works there, but not in the plugin, then we have something we'll need to look at - but my hunch is the error will also exist in google maps itself - which is outside of our ability to control.

    Let us know and I'll happily look into this further with ya.


  • mikemp
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thanks for the "welcome," and for the quick response.
    I wasn't clear enough: yes, it starts with a Google problem. They don't map the address correctly (which I hope to fix, eventually), so I can't put the correct address into Google.
    So, I tried dragging the pin to see if it would "land" on the correct street address. Nope... it gets close, but "close" isn't good enough.
    So... my question is / was: is there a way to edit the address that is displayed on the page... but if I understand you correctly, the answer would be "no," because all you're doing is displaying what Google sends over.

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