Edit Checkout page after site selected

I am trying to add content to the checkout page. I have read through a large number of WPMUDev support threads with people wanting support for the same thing. One solution said that you just edit the pro-sites page and it will be added to the checkout page. I have tried this, but it only shows up when viewing http://whosdevelopingnow.com/pro-site/ but not when you get to http://whosdevelopingnow.com/pro-site/?bid=2

Once you select a site to upgrade, the content updates to the page disappear. How do I edit the checkout page where the plans are shown?

The screen shots attached show the two pages. The seagull image was added to the pro-site page content, so you can see my dilemma.


  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, webteam9!

    This is actually how ProSites is programmed to work. The first page in the top screenshot will show your current plans, and links to sites that can be upgraded via ProSites. A new user (one without a pre-existing account) will see the list of plans where you're seeing the list of sites and the bird picture.

    There's a new update of ProSites in the final round of testing which streamlines this process by quite a bit, and will allow more control over the look of all the checkout steps.

    In the meantime, what specific changes do you want to make to the pricing table page? Perhaps I can help hack together a temporary workaround to meet your needs until the update is releases.

    Thanks, webteam9

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