edit-comments error

Thank you for all the help everyone has been so far. I'm still pretty new at this.

I've searched high and low across the interwebs for an answer to this puzzler. I have wpmu running with BuddyPress. On one individual blog there is a problem when accessing edit-comments.php. Regardless of which category of comments you choose to see, it only shows one comment. However, if you go to the next page of comments it shows only one comment again, this time starting at #11 of 11-20. It's as if comments 9-10 were invisible. Additionally, none of the Wordpress menus will animate in the left sidebar on this screen. You can click the links that are visible, but the drop down boxes don't work.

It only affects this one individual blog. All other blogs work fine.

There are no plugins running on this site except for the Buddypress system plugins.

I've changed the theme multiple times, clearing cookies and cache between theme changes, and the error occurs in all themes.

Any help would be appreciated. I'd even be willing to give someone access to the blog to look if they think it would help.