Edit links and admin bar disappeared from frontend of child sites

Until today, as the super administrator of my whole multisite installation, I could see both the admin bar and edit links from the front-end of any site on the network. But today, I must've done something to screw it up, because now, I can only see edit links and the admin bar on my top level site's front-end. On all the other sites' front-ends, edit links/admin bar have disappeared. How can I restore them? Thanks!

    • Erik
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      Thanks Jude! I appreciate your help.

      I do see that the admin bar does appear on some of my child sites...sometimes. But not on all of them, and not all the time. Also, I have another super admin in my Multisite installation, and she's having the same problem, especially on a new site she just cloned from an existing site.

      Is there a way to make the admin bar/edit links visible from the front end for all our Multisite sites, even when we create new ones?

  • Jude
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    Hey Erik

    Here is a possible solution that may work. Caution, it uses an internal WP function so it may not work perpetually ( if the function changes ).

    add_filter( 'show_admin_bar', '__return_true', 999 );
    add_action( 'init', 'force_admin_bar' );
    function force_admin_bar() {

    You can insert it as a mu-plugin. To create an mu-plugin, go to your /wp-content/ folder via FTP, and find the folder called "mu-plugins". If there is no folder with that name, then you'll want to create one. Then, create a file inside that folder, and give the file any name you like (making sure the file as an extension of .php, e.g. example.php) and paste the code in there.

    You don't need to activate that plugin, as it will be always be automatically activated. Please be sure to add a PHP start tag at the beginning of the code if you insert this code as a mu-plugin, like this:


    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV member and have a fantastic day!


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