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Hi there,
I've chosen to have my site (www.SeafoodIntell.com) protected with Membership (great plugin by the way!) and to have the front page display the posts (news articles) since its a news website. [PS: I want to leave it that way as the post are very dynamic & change constantly which is what one expects of a news site. I don't want a static page as a homepage, which would solve the query below]

However & since the viewing of posts is not authorised for non-subscribers, I have a message permanently displaying:

" Nothing Found - It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help. + Search button"

I'd like to edit this message since this is what apeears on the homepage & is not very attractive for non-subscribers (but prospective ones hopefully).

How can I change/edit the message above ("nothing found...") & give it a bit more substance?

Thanks for any suggestion & help,

  • aristath

    Hello there @Bertrand, Ih ope you're well today!

    You can custom-code a solution like this:

    function redirect_anonymous_users() {
    	$url   = '/register'
    	$level = 1
    	$redirect_to = home_url() . $url;
    	if ( function_exists( 'current_user_on_level' ) && current_user_on_level( $level ) || ! current_user_is_member() ) {
    		wp_redirect( $redirect_to );
    add_action( 'wp', 'redirect_anonymous_users' );

    This will redirect all users that belong to a specific access level or have no level, to a specific page on your site.
    You can configure which page it will redirect to and what your free level is by editing these 2 lines:

    $url   = '/register'
    $level = 1

    I hope that helps!


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