Edit option across all sites?

Anyone know of a plugin that lets you edit an option across all sites in a network? I use the WPMU defaults plugins to set options for all new sites, but now I need to change a setting across all sites and I'd rather not do that manually on 100's of sites…

Even if there's not a plugin out there, how have other people dealt with this problem in the past?

  • DavidM
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    Hi Chris,

    Good question! I believe something like that's been requested for the New Blog Templates plugin but as the name implies it wouldn't really suit its purpose.

    The Site Template plugin is more appropriately named, but it doesn't have that feature as well.

    I imagine writing up a quick script to take care of sitewide option changes would work too, something maybe like the following for changing the siteurl.

    $blog_list = get_blog_list( 0, 'all' );
    foreach ($blog_list AS $blog) {

    Perhaps others around here have some good ideas on that too. Anyone?

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