Edit Pay Per View to allow them to view post for life

I would like to know if there is a way for me to make people have the option to view a page or post forever if they buy it, instead of just viewing it one time.

The thing is I do not have enough content for a full site monthly subscription. I want to start by selling individual courses, having there be an option to view forever if they purchase it would be a great option.

  • PC
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    Hello there Thomas,

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    I will need to send that to our lead developer as a feature request I am afraid.

    The plugin currently uses PayPal and it does not use login account for pay per view but it uses cookies and if you want to allow forever access it can only be done by setting cookie validity to a very high value but again if the user clears the cookies, or users a different computer, they can not view the post again.

    Let me discuss this with Arnold and see what he thinks of something like it be added in a future version.

    He should be around soon.

    Cheers, PC

  • Bobby
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    I've just installed this on my website (signed up to wpmudev for this plugin alone). I'm wondering if this has been sorted (i don't suspect so considering login details are not requested prior to paying for a post).

    However, Arnold, when you say 'They will have to register and login.` Does this mean the payment for a post (not a subscription) will always be recorded against their account details and therefore they will always have access to the post so long as they login? I only ask as i am selling posts (e-books) with thousands of words and the purchaser is unlikely to read it all in one sitting and they are also likely to read it on different devices (perhaps purchase on main computer, then login to read on a tablet).


    Also, is their anyway this plugin can be developed for split payment between post creator and website owner (by allowing the post creator to type a paypal email into the pay per view widget on the post-edit screen?)

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