Edit Profile links in the BuddyPress Login Boxes

I installed Multisite Shared Menu Plugin on my website at https://christiangays.com.

Now when I login as “test” and click on the Edit Profile link in my BuddyPress Login box from any of my sub-domains I am taken to https://resources.christiangays.com/bp-members/test/profile/edit/group/1/ or https://chat.christiangays.com/bp-members/test/profile/edit/group/1/ or https://blog.christiangays.com/members/test/profile/edit/group/1/

A warning shows in each case:

Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/mary/public_html/mary-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-core/bp-core-filters.php on line 199

The link should go to https://christiangays.com/members/test/profile/edit/group/1/ on all sub-domains.

I do have a mu-plugin/edit-profile-in-login-box.php with the following code

add_action( 'bp_after_login_widget_loggedin', 'bp_login_profile_edit_link' );
function bp_login_profile_edit_link() {
$target_link = bp_loggedin_user_domain();
echo "<div class='bp-login-widget-user-link cust-bp-edit-profile-link'><a href='".$target_link."profile/edit/'>Edit Profile</a></div>";

Can you help me please to make all Edit Profile links in the BuddyPress Login Boxes on ALL sub-domains go to: https://christiangays.com/members/–sububsername–/profile/edit/group/1/

I have contacted Support for the plugin but haven’t heard back and I need this fixed ASAP. It is a live site.

Support Access is granted. Please feel free to make any changes necessary.