Edit the page "ask" page for the QA plugin

I installed the Q&A plugin and the format is a mess. I can't actually find that page to edit, do I just need to create it and then I can change the template and everything?



  • Joel

    Hi David,
    I visited your link above, I had a layout problem like this when I did a fresh install. Don't think that is the way you want it. The problem was my theme, but it was an easy fix.
    I used firebug and chrome's developers tool to compare the css layout of a normal page and any page from 'questions'. It took some trial and error but all I had to do was include a <div..> tag from my themes template and paste it above the "qa-page-wrapper" <div> on all the qa-template files and remove a </div>. It may be different for your theme.

    The Q&A template files are found here .../qa/default-templates/ ....6 total ..and
    ask-question.php ..... etc etc

    You should also compare these to your theme's single.php and page.php files. After you're done editing the QA template files, upload those to your active theme's folder. /wp-content/theme/yourtheme/

    Not sure if this helps or hurts or if you still need help. If you do I could spare a couple minutes on the weekend to look at yours.

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