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Please is there a way to edit the FAQ that came with Appointment+? We want to remove the mention of WordPress and MarketPress, WTC and others from the FAQ since we didn't install them and need to tightly control what users do on the site.

For WTC, we will network- enable it on our own and do not want users doing installing it.

Thank You!


  • T-chan
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Good-evening,Mr Hakan!

    We are aware on how busy you are and this is probably not a very strange request as you mentioned. However we thought to ourselves and said, "supposing if we remove these lines from appointments.php?".

    <ul id='q28'>

  • <?php _e('<b>How does integration with Membership work? Are there any special considerations?</b>', 'appointments');?>

    <?php _e('Membership member levels can be let exempt from advance payments/deposits. Also you can apply discounts for the selected membership levels. There are no special considerations: Appointments+ will be managing them automatically.', 'appointments');?>

  • <ul id='q29'>

  • <?php _e('<b>How does integration with MarketPress work? Are there any special considerations?</b>', 'appointments');?>

    <?php _e('If you select "Integrate with MarketPress" any MarketPress product page having Appointments+ shortcodes will be regarded as an "Appointment Product Page". Those pages are automatically modified and you are not supposed to be doing anything special. For your information, here is how the integration works:', 'appointments');?>

  • <?php _e('Paypal button of Appointments+ is invisible and thus its own Paypal Standard Payments option is disabled. Client will use the payment gateways MarketPress is providing. You can use all MarketPress payment gateways.', 'appointments');?>
  • <ul id='q34'>

  • <?php _e('<b>Is it possible not to ask payment or deposit for certain users?</b>', 'appointments');?>

    <?php _e('Please note that this is quite simple if you are using Membership plugin. If not, referring this filter create a function in your functions.php to set Paypal price as zero for the selected user, user role and/or service: $paypal_price = apply_filters( \'app_paypal_amount\', $paypal_price, $service, $worker, $user_id ); This will not make the service free of charge, but user will not be asked for an advance payment. Also you may want to change status to confirmed. See next FAQ.', 'appointments');?>
  • And if we want to remove the FAQ as you suggested, how do we proceed?

    And lastly, is there anyway you can integrate a map capable of locating cafes within 5kms of user's immediate location to Appointments + for us?

    Thank You!



  • Hakan
    • The Incredible Smush


    As of V1.1 you can search and use the following hooks to completely remove a tab and add your own (up to 3 custom tabs):

    apply_filters( 'appointments_tabs', $tabs );
    do_action( 'app_additional_tab1' )
    do_action( 'app_additional_tab2' )
    do_action( 'app_additional_tab3' )

    I will not explain in detail because you should already be knowing how to handle them if you want to make such a customization.


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