Editing Appointments in Back End on Appointments +

On the Appointments page in the back end, you can hover over the appointment and click "See details and edit". Then once you make your edits, you are supposed to click "Save/Edit". After saving, there is a confirmation message that says "Changes Saved".

However, the appointment does not collapse again and there is no way to collapse it yourself. With a lot of appointments, this makes managing multiple appointments at once cumbersome.

In addition, the page doesn't refresh, which means the totals next to Confirmed, Active and Pending are not updated after saving the respective changes to an appointment.

To clarify, if I confirm an appointment manually using the above instructions, then I must manually refresh the Appointments list to see the updated totals for Confirmed, Active and Pending. Seems like these totals should update automatically on save of an appointment change that would affect these totals.

Ideally, on save of an appointment, the appointment details should collapse and the totals should be updated at the top of the page without having to refresh the page.