Editing default pages

I have recently installed wpmu. During the installation, the site admin blog was automatically generated with five pages, the 'Home' page, the 'About' page, and three other pages, 'Comments By Section," 'Comments By User,' and 'General Comments.'

I am planning to use the 'Default Blog' plugin by Greg B Reese at http://gregbreese.wordpress.com/

From what I understand of Greg's plugin, I can clone a template so that any new blog will use it, thus including default the pages I have promised to provide to my new bloggers (Our Services, Our Staff, etc.)

Unfortunately, if I delete pages from the blog I intend to clone, before it is cloned, the page IS's (the Wordpress page number) will not match the new blog. I want each blog to start with the same page id, so I thought I could edit the pages and the slugs that are created for the comments so that they will meet my needs, and still retain the original page id's.

When I saw the comment in the HTML of each page that is was reserved for a particular purpose, I began to wonder if that is something that automatically posts comments on the respective pages by default, or if these or ardinary pages that I can edit and place my own content on.

Can anyone advise?