Editing Events - Why has it changed?

I am wondering why the Events+ plug-in now has a (much more limited) edit function than it used to have.

If you Edit Event from the drop down, you don't get the full EDIT function as you do with going to Dashboard/Events/All Events - select the event THEN edit it.

There is a world of difference in what you can do.

EG, I have/had a repeating event and I opened the event and went to edit it.

If you go from the calendar to the single event, and try to edit event from there, you get a different (less useful) editing screen.

Why doesn't it just take you to the NORMAL Event editing screen?

It is CONFUSING to have more than one and the LESS USEFUL one should be dropped.

I was trying to remove a repeating/recurring event.

I could NOT figure out why I could not get to the recurring events from the event (Edit Event button) .

See https://www.publicaffairsjobs.com.au/wpmu-issues-page/
140210 Events Calendar -Editing Function

Also - why did the "edit event" button on the event itself DISAPPEAR - why change it to use a (MORE USELESS) dropdown list that you have to click on to edit it. Why add yet another step to the process.

It should just take you to the ORIGINAL edit screen.