Editing / Modifying Business Feature Theme Colour Scheme

(Please view the attached image.)


Please could you help me make some minor modifications to the Business Feature Theme?

As you can see in the image I have changed the colour of the vnav.png (/library/styles/colour-image) from orange to blue -- I need some help finding the files I need to make further complimentary ammendments.

In the image attached please could you help me with the following:

(1) Which file do I need to modify to change the colour of the drop down menus?

(2) How do I modify the roll over font on the menus to something more visible?

(3) There is a fine orange line, perhaps 1 pixel thick, above the new blue bar -- which file can I replace and or modify to change this?

(4) How and or where can I modify the lime green colours used in the search button etc?

Thank you very much for time with this, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again.