Editing Product Details

I am trying to edit the Product-details class on Gridmarket theme

Here is the link to my site and what I want edited:


I would like the following hidden:

1) Categorized in Tag 1, Tag 2

2) Width of Product Details

3) Product details align to the right

  • ThePath
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi SquarePeg,

    Thanks for the post. Ok here goes:

    1) You cant hide just that word using CSS so you would have to edit the template file. Open up the product template and search for: grid_mp_product_categories

    Then you will see the word "Categorized".

    2) What do you mean by product details. Everything, i.e. the image, text etc or just the description? Could be hard doing just the text as from your template there is no div wrapping the description to help you style it so adding this would be good. You have everything wrapped in a div with a class called "product-photo". I would suggest this only wraps the photo and not the description too.

    3) Currently you would add: text-align:right; to your .product-photo class on line 247 of grid.css

    I would also suggest you get Firefox and Firebug add on. This will allow you to inspect page elements and see/change their css styles. Its a great tool.

    Hope that helps.

  • SquarePeg
    • Flash Drive

    To ThePath,

    Thank you so much!

    So if you check out the link to that post again, you will see I moved the "Add cart" area to float right and shorted it to 400 px.

    Now all I need is the Categorized area hidden, which I am trying to do right now.

  • ThePath
    • The Bug Hunter

    Sorry I had to go to bed :slight_smile:

    Dont use white font colour on a white background, its very bad practice, look at Googles rights and wrongs on web design.

    .grid_mp_product_categories{ display:none; }
    .grid_mp_product_tags{ display:none; }

    Add the above to your CSS.

    That will hide just the tag section.


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