Editing Shipping Labels Marketpress

Hi, I’d like to edit 3 labels on the shipping page State/Province/Region: to State: & Postal/Zip Code:* to Post Code: and Special Instructions to something shorter.

is there a filter I can add to my functions.php file.

Main reason it to tighten up the table for use on mobile devices, the right side of the table sits off the edge. Is there a way to edit the table so the left side (labels are taking on say 15 or 20% width)

I’m still using v2.9.xx as all previous attempts have caused massive conflicts to the point where the site does not work, have had several failed attempts to fix via your support without luck.

Same applies on https://licensedsportsmemorabilia.com.au/ as well as https://ultimatesportsmemorabilia.com.au/

Hope I can get some help soon.