Editing the payment site

Hi. We are using Pay Per View on our website to require payment from our users if they want to access certain parts of the website.
We want to edit the payment website abit though, and we can't figure out how we edit it.

Right now it links directly to a button that says "To access his section you need to pay x", what we would like is to maybe put a timer on this button. If someone clicks it before the content is ready they would get a message "This content is not ready yet. Come back in 'insert timer here'"
If this is not possible it would be at great if we got some pointers as to how to edit the payment site, as it is not listed as a page.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Mathias,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    The Pay Per View plugin doesn't support "revealing"/"dripping" the content so I'm not quite sure how would you like that timer to work. Would you mind sharing some more details on this, like for example how do you mark the post "not yet available" and where this timer should take data from?

    I'm not able to promise you a "ready to use" solution yet but knowing these information could help me look for workaround :slight_smile:

    As for editing the payment page. I'm not quite sure what do you mean either. The Pay Par View plugin should direct user directly to the PayPal site after clicking payment button. The PayPal site cannot be edited as it's a 3rd-party, external site. Maybe you mean the "payment/protection form that is displayed instead of the "hidden" content?

    Please advise!

    Best regards,

  • Mathias

    Hi Adam,

    By editing the payment page we mean the page that redirects to another website after you pay a small fee.
    http://www.godeum.com - click "Stream" in the top left corner and you'll see the page I refer to.

    We want the "to watch the stream-" button to display something like "The stream is not ready to start yet, please return in xxx" if the stream is not ready yet. Right now it takes you to the paypal website no matter what, and currently the payment only allows access for 24 hours. Meaning anyone that pays the fee 24h before the stream needs to pay again in order to access it. To prevent that we'd instead like for said timer to appear.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Mathias,

    Thank you for this additional explanation.

    That wouldn't currently be possible with just a Pay Per View plugin without some custom development and possibly even changing plugin's code. I noticed however that you are also using our Membership 2 Pro on your site and that there's also a "counter" on the main site that shows time until event. I think that there may be a "workable workaround" then.

    Here's what I'm thinking of:

    1. Create an additional membership with membership 2 Pro:
    - set it as free for your convenience
    - make sure that it's not set to "public" so nobody could register for it

    2. A bit of customization now:

    A Membership 2 Pro uses a "Protected Content" page that shows a message that the content is protected and a protection form. A custom template can be create for that page. Templating Membership 2 Pro is described on "Membership 2 -> Help -> Customize Membership 2" page in your site's dashboard.

    The template file that you would want to create would be the "m2-protected-content-100.php" file where "100" is a numeric ID of the membership that you created in step 1 (so replace that with an actual ID).

    That template file can actually be the most basic regular page template (e.g. copy of "page.php" of your current theme) and It may even not include WP loop. The point is that in that page template you would be calling your timer.

    3. Then you could simply protect that "Stream" page ("/payment") page with that membership.

    What would happen then would be that any user attempting to access it would be redirected to your "custom" Protected Content page that could say something like "Stream is not ready yet" and show the countdown timer.

    Once you are ready to make the stream available, you simply remove protection from that page and it becomes available just like it is now.

    That should work, I think. I suppose there may be some specific details to "think through", especially regarding the timer and how to pass count down time value to it (to the template) but that's strictly related to the timer itself and how it work. I believe you got the idea though :slight_smile:

    It may seem a bit complex but once set up it should be very easy to use. What do you think about that?

    Best regards,

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