Editing the "Slug" page

Hi there,

The site is currently up at millennials.nickrizzi.com. I've installed Coursepress and I'm trying to use it together with another theme. My question revolves around the ability to edit the "Course Slug". The default page does not appear to be editable and does not fit with the rest of the theme (http://www.millennials.nickrizzi.com/courses1), I've tried making another page and using the shortcodes on (http://www.millennials.nickrizzi.com/courses, but it isn't coming together as nicely at all. Isn't there a way to just edit the "Slug" page so that it can at least match the rest of the theme?

EDIT: To follow up. It actually looks like this is going to be a page on every single piece, since the course pages are also messed up. Is there a way to change the default colors or do I need to change my theme's colors?