Editing Widget settings in Upfront

Greetings wpmudev,

I'm trying to add a widget to a page in Upfront (absoluteohd.com/reviews).

I'm running into the problem where I can't properly configure the settings for the widget because there is not way to add the widget to the sidebar (dashboard/appearance/widgets). If I add the widget to the "inactive sidebars" panel and "search for a location" within the settings, the page just refreshes and moves the widget out of the panel. (see screenshot 2)

When adding the widget via Upfront onto the page I am not able to edit the settings for the widget the same. They aren't fully visible/functional. (see screenshot 1)

I'm not sure what to do to get this working right. Feel free to check out the website via support access.

Looking forward,

Ciro Bey