Editor Issues with Spirit Theme

I have an issue that occurred when attempting to address some responsive design issues on the 'Who' page of my site.

One of the images that should be formatted as a circle and is when in standard view but appears as a square with rounded corners and much bigger in both tablet and mobile view so I have attempted to edit the size. However when I do so this happens.

You can see the faint text?
Also when I switch view to Mobile I get the same 'overlay'.

It also remains when I exit Responsive mode and the only way to get it off is to close the Upfront Editor and open it again from WP. However it does the same again when I try to edit the page (tried 4 times now).

I am simply trying to get all of the images to remain as circles consistently throughout the different views. The bottom 2 (Calm Water and Glee) work fine and retain their properties but the top one (Mindfish) doesn't. I have checked all the setting and they appear to be the same, unless I am missing something.

Please help as this is extremely frustrating. I have opened support access so you can see as it is being and under construction page at the moment.