editting child theme

I have a freelancing site named bioinfexperts.com.

The site users are freelancers and clients. Clients post projects and freelancers bid on the projects (the usual known scenario).

Whenever I need to make changes on the childtheme, I do it first on another test site named genoexperts.com. Both sites have the same wordpress theme. So for every new change, I test it first on genoexperts and make sure its working correctly before I put it officially on bionfexperts.

So, I made some changes on the childtheme of genoexperts, which is to add a “Contact me” button in the profile of freelancers and in the project pages of clients. This button is linked to the private messaging plugin i got from your site.

The code to add such buttons is working greatly on genoexperts, but when I copied the code and put it in the childtheme of bioinfexperts, the “contact me” button does not appear, I do not know why.. If you can help me with this, I can provide you with login details for both sites.

Check the following images (ignore all styling differences between both sites, just pay attention to the contact me buttons)

This is how the freelancer profile looks like on bioinfexperts


This is how it looks like on genoexperts


This is how the project page looks like on bioinfexperts


This is how it looks like on genoexperts


Many thanks in advance