Edu Clean" Broken Sign Up

Maybe I made a mistake but when I click to go to my sign up page and I'm not logged in, I get

"You must first login before you can choose a blog to upgrade:"

That's not gonna work. People need to be able to hit the site and sign up without being a user already.

How do I fix this?

  • troykd

    I'll try to explain this the best I can. The new Supporter beta is installed with three levels of $ support. Registration is turned on.

    I have a sign up page in the menu which goes to the supporter generated paypal page. We also have the wp-signup.php page.

    If I log in, and click on the sign up tab in the menu, I get the payment options from Supporter on that page.

    If I'm not logged in, I get "You must first login before you can choose a blog to upgrade:" on that page.

    If I'm not logged in and click on the "Get started in seconds" box, it takes me to the registration page which is a different page (wp-signup.php). Logged in and it prompts me to create another blog subdomain.

    So, looks like I have two pages trying to do the same thing, badly. From a sales perspective, anytime someone wants to sign up, they should go to a sales page, choose the level they want and then go to registration. It seems kind of backward to register and then sign up for an upgrade.

    Its not possible, as far as I can tell, to send them to a sales page without already having an account. Is that correct?

  • troykd

    I want the free side too. So "free" should not be a level in supporter, it's just the normal registration. If they register and THEN want to upgrade they can go to Level 1 or Level 2.

    Currently set up as
    Level 1 Free
    Level 2 $x
    Level 3 $y

    But sound like I should be just
    Normal/Free registration, not a level
    Level 1 $x
    Level 2 $y

    One more question, do you anticipate Supporter 3.0 to be out of Beta this month?