edu clean crop feature image sizes

I can see that in the css file I can manipulate the image sizes at

.service-block img { }

However, when entering the images in the theme options, they get cropped to 200x109. Is there a way to crop to a different size?


  • Joe
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hey Richie,

    I am ok with the 4:1 ratio. Its just the display size that its too small so I modified it in the css and in the service-mode.php but then the image gets stretched and it losses its quality.

    I tried the post-mode.php but find a couple of problems there as well. One is that the image seems to be displaying at the same size as the cropped one in service-mode. The other is that it seems to be aligned left although centered it in the post-mode.php filed with <center> tag, but no change.


  • Richie_KS
    • HummingBird

    hi joe
    you been rushing the solution in 2 thread within 24 hours already:slight_smile:
    your problems involve some hard coding solution so it is take some time.

    what would be your prefer upload crop size?
    yeap...the current crop ratio are 2:1..

    ok follow this step to edit the first block image crop ration..the step can be follow for
    other block later on.

    open _inc/functions/services.php

    go to line 301 and'll see 2 code controlling the h & w
    changed this to your desire thumb dimension
    $thumb_width = "200";
    $thumb_height = "100";

    we'll take this as sample
    now set to
    $thumb_width = "200";
    $thumb_height = "200";

    after you change the thumb height and width value, go to line 467 and find this line
    here's need some math value trick

    function selectionStart(img, selection) { width:200;height:100 }
    $(window).load(function () {
    $('#thumbnail').imgAreaSelect({ onSelectStart: selectionStart, resizable: true, x1: 20, y1: 20, x2: 220, y2: 120, aspectRatio: '11:6', onSelectChange: preview });

    change width:200;height:200 ( will add 20 each on next step)

    change this value to your height and width + 20 each like this x2: 220, y2: 220

    and finally the aspect ration count 11:6 = 220:120
    so for a 220: 220..aspect ration would be 11:11...

    thats about it...the step are the same to edit each block img ration.

    also you may want to edit _inc/css/base.css line 460

    .service-block {

    edit the height to more if you added more height to crop image so the content will
    not overflow.

  • Richie_KS
    • HummingBird

    also open service-mode.php and delete the width and height in img..sample in line 4

    < a href="<?php echo $tn_edus_headline1_link; ?>"><img src="<?php echo "$ttpl_path/edu1_thumb.jpg"; ?>" width="200" height="100" alt="<?php echo stripslashes($tn_edus_headline1); ?>" />< /a >

    delete the bold text for all img.

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