Edu-clean Post mode option too small

Hello all!
I am running 2.9.2 on and I am trying to alter an edu-clean child theme to be used as the as the default using the Blog template plugin at
I have decided not to use the Service mode and when I select the Post mode and choose a category, the excerpt displayed on the home page is so small! The text is not that big of an issue, nut I would really like to have the picture display larger. How can I do that?

when using the blog template plug-in, should I be concerned about duplicate content and SEO for the posts that are being regurgitated on the new sites.

Thanks in advance for your help

  • Mason

    Hi Liza,

    The easiest way to resize the thumbnails would be to modify the post-mode.php file in the parent edu-clean theme directory. Line 16 of this file designates the length and width of the thumbnail created. Doing this, you'll lose the change each time you update the parent theme.

    Another (and better if you want to be able to update later) solution would be to copy the home.php, front-left.php, and post-mode.php your child theme directory. Then change line 2 of home.php to look at your new front-left.php <?php include ('front-left.php'); ?> And change line 15 of front-left.php to <?php include ('post-mode.php'); ?>. Finally change the dimensions on your new post-mode.php in line 16 exactly as you did above. Doing it this way all changes are kept in the child theme.

    For the text, just open your style.css file in the child theme directory and add a new line at the bottom for ".service-block p" and add the font-size you're looking for. Best of luck!

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