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Where can I get more information about my theme? I'm using Edu-Clean (Edu-Blogs) theme. I guess the CSS is in multiple files. I'm not sure I understand how this is setup.


  • schiffynet
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    For instance, I viewed the page source on my index page... in the header, it says:

    <link rel="stylesheet" target="_blank" href="" type="text/css" media="screen" />

    However, the css file related to the id edublog-free was not in style.css, but in _inc/css/base.css. First of all, is that the correct file to edit for that id? Second, is there a way for me to figure this out without having to search all the css files for each id? Thx!!

  • schiffynet
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    Thx for the link. I had read it once, but re-read it. Now, maybe, I am dense (remove maybe)... but I want to make sure I'm getting this, before I do any damage. Here are my questions about edu-clean related to what I read in the link:

    Is it saying, when I upload the edu-clean theme, the parent and child theme folders are AUTOMATICALLY installed? I did find /wp-content/themes/edu-clean/themes/edu-clean-child. But I didn't find anything specifically called edu-clean-parent. Is the parent folder simply /wp-content/themes? And is it true that I should only be editing the css files within the edu-clean-child folder (/wp-content/themes/edu-clean/themes/edu-clean-child)?


  • DavidM
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    Hi there schiffynet,

    What you'll actually want to do is move or copy the edu-clean-child theme from the wp-content/themes/edu-clean/themes and place it directly in the wp-content/themes/ folder along with the parent edu-clean theme.

    Once that's moved or copied to the main themes folder, you should then see that child theme in your themes list. If it's a multi-site setup, you'll need to enable the theme from the Super Admin > Themes section before you're able to activate it, of course.

    From this point, you'll be able to make changes to that child theme's CSS files without having to touch the parent's CSS.


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