eduBB theme links back to


Just installed the eduBB theme for my site.

On my forums front page, I see the ‘Forums’, ‘’, ‘Home’, ‘Help & Support’, ‘Videos’, ‘FAQ’ navigation tabs, all of which are linked with For instance when I click on ‘Help&Support’, it takes me to, clicking on ‘Videos’ takes me to and so on..

Checked the bbPress admin panel to see if there was any setting to change this to map to my site, but din’t come across any. My query is:

-> How do I create a subdomain for ‘Help&Support’ for my site, i.e, something like and set up the help&support related content there just the way edublogs has? (Sorry, I know this is not a theme question, but put it here since it was a piece of the puzzle)

-> How can I make all these other pages (Videos, FAQ etc) for my bbPress and link them to my site and not edublogs?