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[sorry my new topic about same class of issues - translation]

I'm trying buddypress themes to a community project and when I saw EduBlogs , I'm impressed!
A lovely work [and I like Community and Daily too :smiley: ]

But ... unfortunately translation don't works fine.

1. I uncoment functions line
2. I create [rescan] a new .po and .mo files with codestyling localization plugin
and a lot of string don't change to portuguese BR [my language]
3. In this theme navigation don't translate and some strings [like your info in home page and 'comments' links ] don't work too.

Really I don't know what I need to do :slight_frown:(

tks in advance
joao barroca

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    @barroca: Have you tried using poedit and then editing the file yourself (po files) and then saving that? Automatic scanning is one thing but for custom theme specific strings which we use _e and __ to call you would need to hand translate their meaning. I think this is possibly the issue you are encountering trying to have it done automatically when there are as with all themes custom calls like the names of navigation, messages and other theme specific information. Any automatic scanning will only look at the default strings that any buddypress or wordpress site would have and ignore / not be able to handle these custom theme specific strings.

  • barroca
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hello @Tammie

    first: thank you for your answer
    In fact I translate with default po and mo [using poedit] whithout sucess. I never have used codestyle localization plugin until WPMUDEV points me to do that. And I try with this too - and ... without translation too.

    Edublogs works with buddypress 123 in WordPress?

    Really I hope gettext works with MPMUDEV themes - the best themes to buddypress I ever see. But ... in english I can't use it

    all the best
    joao barroca

  • danielck
    • New Recruit

    I have the exact same problem using the latest Edublogs theme. I've copied the default.po file in /languages/ and renamed it fi.po (for Finnish, equivalent to the main locale). None of the translated strings seem to show up. Is there a bug in the theme?

  • danielck
    • New Recruit

    After digging around, I found the root of the cause. A lot of the gettexted strings in the Edu Clean theme are incorrectly marked. Some have a missing textdomain, and some have the wrong textdomain. For instance, in navigation.php all navigation links are marked like this: __('Activity', 'bp-social') instead of __('Activity', 'edu-clean'). Where can I submit a bug report?

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    If you are using BuddyPress the language process is a 2 fold thing and yes there are known bugs in edublogs with regards to languages but a new version is due out.

    There are 2 things you have to be aware of:

    1. Setting up normal BuddyPress languages.

    2. In functions.php:

    // load text domain

    // Uncomment this to test your localization, make sure to enter the right language code.

    //function test_localization( $locale ) {
    //return "my_MY";

    if( function_exists( 'load_theme_textdomain' ) ) {
    load_theme_textdomain('edu-clean', TEMPLATEPATH . '/languages/');

    I'm going to tag Richie on this thread as he is working on the update for this theme and may be able to add to whether you may be encountering issues he knows about.

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