EduBlogs Home Page Theme Not Showing Latest News

Hi there,

I can’t find documentation for this theme, can you point me in the right direction?

My main question is that the Latest News feature isn’t displaying anything. I have recent posts, but they’re not appearing. Do they have to be tagged or categorized in a particular way?

My site is here:

Next, I’m trying to show a custom menu on the home page via a widget. I set it as normal, but the menu itself will not appear. I can see the widget header, but it’s blank before that. Any suggestions?

Your help is appreciated,


  • Colin
    • New Recruit

    There’s something quite wrong – I’ve just tried to add a categories widget and it’s stating ‘No categories’ even though there are definitely categories on the site. This is an established site with a fair bit of content already.

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @colin

    Welcome to the forums!

    Basic theme installation information can be found under the theme’s usage tab:

    Apart from that, I’m afraid this theme does not have any specific usage instructions other than what can be found inline in the settings & options.

    I just installed and activated it on a test site, and the categories & news display as they should.

    Have you tested with all plugins deactivated to rule out the possibility of a script conflict?

    What version of WordPress are you running on that site?

  • Colin
    • New Recruit

    Hi Patrick, thanks for getting back to me.

    I’m running 3.5 – haven’t upgraded to 3.6 yet. It’s a multisite and used an older version of this theme until a few months back. It all worked fine then. I’ll try working with the plugins, but I can’t see how they would stop the theme from finding recent posts. Do you know how it draws the recent posts? Is it any recent blog post at all?



  • Colin
    • New Recruit

    Hi Patrick, sorry was writing back with a reply to this earlier, but got called away.

    Not long after I wrote that last post I discovered that it was the 3rd RSS feed that was causing the problem – it caused the slow load and stopped the rest of the page functioning properly. Very strange.

    Anyway, seems ok as long as I omit that particular feed so I’ll leave it for now – might be a validation issue with the RSS or similar.

    Thanks for your help


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