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There are a number of warnings and errors with EduBlogs Homepage theme. I've cleaned them up since version 2.1.5 but lost them all when I upgraded to 2.1.6. Since then I have to now run a file comparison to validate the changes. This latest version continues to have the same problems as the previous versions. There are so many deprecated functions and unvalidated variables that it takes several hours to sort through actual changes. For example, /_inc/functions/options-functions.php has 58 uses of deprecated functions or un-validated variables. Also, /_inc/functions/rss-network.php is using the deprecated 'fetch_rss' function. Since the newer 'fetch_feed' has a different implamentation process, I had to rewrite those four sections that utilize the deprecated function.

Is there going to be a update release that addresses these issues soon? I really like the theme but can't upgrade because I spent so much time with the upgrade to the last version

  • Barry
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    Depreciated functions are still valid, functioning functions - so don't worry so much about removing them unless you are running your site in debug / full notice reporting mode, which you shouldn't be.

    We are currently working on updates to a lot of our plugins / themes in readiness for WP 3.1.

  • Richie_KS
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    hi meschenbaum
    we're on process of updating the themes/plugin for wp 3.1 priority updates soon..
    will check on the functions you mention..although recoding all the functions and var call will not be prioritize unless they produce php error or functions not found error.

    un-validated variables
    which part?...can you list me some example..

    we'll also updating the theme with pdf user/theme manual etc..which missing in pre version.


  • meschenbaum
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    Thanks for responding back.

    It may be best if you just want to do a file comparison with attached modified theme (uh, apparently not. Let me know if you would like me to email the file to you). Note these are quick fixes and there are definitely some better or more efficient ways of addressing these. These are mainly help me get updates to production while satisfying IT's evaluations through log reading.

    Oh, and yes I am not running my production environment in debug mode. However, my development environment runs full debug. We've already experienced issues where the development environment wouldn't run because of how many warnings and notices that were produced from multiple plugins and themes.

    It should also be noted that even when debug is turned off there is still a performance hit for all of the warnings and notices. WP still handles all the deprecated functions by catching the calls and redirecting them to the proper functions. Also, because the number of calls per page a single warning/notice may occur several times. It may not seem significant but get enough of them from x number of themes, plugins and sites then you'll start noticing the problems.

    Sorry, spent the last few days reapplying the same simple updates. I'll get off my soap box now.

    Anyways, thanks for responding and let me know if there something else you need.


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