Edu-clean 2.1.7 Questions


Just installed new Edu-clean 2.1.7

First off, brilliant work. Love the new improvements (eg. member search bar, etc.)

Here's are a few things I'm still trying to figure out:

- Have front-left.php and front-right.php been shifted somewhere other than the main edu-clean folder? I'm trying to edit the "How __________ Can Help You?" text at the top of the front left area on homepage - but can't find it. Any suggestions?

- How are the "Latest News" posts controlled. Can I set the category, limit number of posts, etc.

- On the Service Option RSS feeds, is there a way to control which category is displayed? Where can visitors click and subscribe to a feed? Is there a way to add an RSS Icon/link on each RSS category tab? How are the feed meant be used by visitors - or what is the intended way they are to respond?

- What's with these new Photo & Video tabs? How do they work? Do they link to content throughout the site? Is there any documentation on them or tutorials? How are they controlled? Can I remove them from the nav bar if I want to?

- As with the previous version, do I have to dig into the code to edit the text above the left side "Service Options"

Thanks, Derek
Keep up the great work