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Hi there,
I am having a huge problem with the Edublogs theme. If you look at the blogs page is showing things in the back ground that aren't supposed to be there. Please can you help as this needs to go live asap.
Thanks so much

  • shineadmin

    I am also having similar probs - may i just highlight something else

    I would advise that should remove "get started in seconds for free"? unless you are sure you can deliver as I am being taken to court by trading standards after a complaint was made "false advertising" the visitor claimed he couldn't sign up due to the membership plugin and now I face a fine of up to £5000 - even though my site was not launched.

    just wanted to keep you right


  • camparoo


    Everyone comes here at a different level of skill and understanding, and we all do our best to play nicely. While I am quite new to WPMU, I am actually pretty handy with creating unique WP templates and such, and was doing so long before I got here. I also have been tweaking plug-ins for quite a while now.

    This being the case, I find myself at an interesting level here in WPMU. In some areas, I am far more experienced than users who have been here far longer than I. In other areas, I find people with more training in php can paste my arse to the wall, despite their lack of time here.

    And, yes, I do see some people come here as Wordpress Virgins. They don't know doodly squat, and some of the stuff they say can be extremely frustrating at times.

    First off: You should be jealous rather than testy. Neither of us clued into WPMU this early on. Lucky them, sad us!

    Secondary consideration: While these extremely new users are annoying, and can be very insulting in what they say and do, well, they are new to this whole thing, right?

    OK, some of us did struggle through this stuff on our own. We didn't choose to seek help 'till things got a whole lot more complicated. However, these newbies are seeking help now.

    If we are kind in providing help (in other words, if we can ignore ignorance, and stupid complaints, and unkind words, and otherwise apparent blatant idiocy), than we will provide better support to people down the line.

    stevelight, think of it as a chance to provide your past self a help. Your comment "Sorry to hear that Alan, you have to be one sad kind of person if you'll report something like that. " just made me feel really bad. Obviously, you're frustrated. Obviously, Alan is clueless to your level of skill.

    stevelight, can't you please tell Alan why he is being an ass? Clue him in, turn him on, fit it, whatever.

    And Alan, please don't feel frozen out bec. stevelight tried to shut you down.

    I really do think y'all have the solution to the problem. You just have to play nice.

    Good luck boys.

  • stevelight

    Thanks for the message Camparoo. I think my message was totally mis-understood. My apologies.

    When I said "you have to be one sad kind of person if you'll report something like that" what I meant was that some one was sad enough to report Alan to trading standartds for a mistake on his website that was un-launched.

    It really is not in my nature to slate anyone. You can see why here

    Sorry Alan if you took my message the wrong way too.

    and thanks for being so diplomatic Camparoo :slight_smile:

    All the best,

  • aecnu

    Greetings Steve, camparoo, and Alan,

    Thank you all for your valuable input into this ticket and I must admit that I personally read Steve's comment as something to the effect that "Alan must be really sad having to deal with that baloney". Though I can see how it can be taken the way that Camperoo mentioned.

    It simply disgusts me how pathetic the powers that be chase entrepreneurs over a misunderstanding (Alan's site was not yet open for business) or a small infringement while they let people who crushed the entire global financial system get away totally free, even to the point of putting more money into their pockets like they have done with the Wall Street white shoe boys whom the majority should be in prison.

    Or perhaps every Politician who has voted for something that is contrary to the Constitution of the US (in the US of course), in which they took an oath to uphold, charge them with Treason as it should be.

    But of course Alan the entrepreneur is just a small guy that they will try to milk for what they can steal from him calling it a fine. I call it theft. Remember, never steal from anyone, the Governments hate competition!

    Alan I am sorry to hear about this clear harassment and this ludicrous persons complaint and even more ludicrous that the trading standards bureaucracy would even care to take it to court. They obviously have nothing better to do like chasing down criminals perhaps?

    Now on to Steve's issue which brought us all here to begin with.

    Simply copy the header.php file to your child theme folder and remove from the header.php file starting at around line 266 the following code:

    <div id="edublog-free"><h3><?php _e("Get started in seconds for free",TEMPLATE_DOMAIN); ?></h3><p><a href="<?php echo home_url(); ?>/<?php if( $bp_existed == 'true' ) { //check if bp existed ?><?php echo bp_get_root_slug( 'register' ) . '/'; ?><?php } else { ?>wp-signup.php<?php } ?>" title="<?php _e("Get yourself a free blog",TEMPLATE_DOMAIN); ?>"><?php _e("Join Here!",TEMPLATE_DOMAIN); ?></a></p></div>

    That should do the job for you Steve.

    Thank you all for being WPMU Dev Members!

    Cheers, Joe

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