Edublogs Themes

Hello all,

I have to admit, asking this making me feel dumb, but I can't seem to find an answer on the forum.

So there are three Edublog themes:

I would set this to become the main WordpressMU theme. I can configure the display sections from the settings. That is not a problem.

By default it has navigation item to Forums.

This is a bbPress theme. so basically we deploy bbPress under Forums, and use this theme for it. Some bbPress to Wordpress MU integration is needed, but once that is setup, it is a go.

This is the support and FAQ theme. I cannot figure out how to use this theme. I assumed I would create a new blog and assign it this theme.
But for this theme, where do you set or populate the FAQ and support questions/answers? I am a bit lost as to how to use this theme once it is setup. I cannot find instructions, or explanation anywhere so either it is so simple and I am not getting it, or I am overlooking something.