Edublogs - Widgets, javascript, iframes and objects

Opinions please,
On the following link:

You state the following:

After lengthy discussions and weighing up of the pros and cons we’ve decided to allow javascript, iframes and object code onto Edublogs.

This means that you can now just copy and paste pretty much most ‘embedding’ code you can pick up around the web directly into your Edublog.

Can you tell me the cons (I am assuming security was the primary con) and why you felt comfortable, in the end, allowing code embedding on Edublogs? Did you place a safeguard of sorts that that isn't part of WPMU, or do you feel that WPMU is, in itself secure enough to withstand a .sql injection, or... or... or?

And after this question, can I ask what you did to enable the code embedding? Would this be done via the plugin?

Thank you very much, and I am already savoring my premium membership. :slight_smile: