Educational feature or plugin request

I need a plugin doing this…

Sorry for my english I hac¿ve made the translation usin Google traductor.

Educational plugin: conditional steps

I’ll appreciate if you kindly inform me if you have a plugin that does what I shall report or in any case if you can develop it.

Student Viewpoint :

The student enrolls in the course and access to a private area in which they find instructions of the course. Regardless of the specific subject of the course will be as follows:

1. Have a variable number of levels, steps or modules.

2. To move from one module to the next level or step the student must obtain a minimum grade to be determined by the tutor and given to the student prior knowledge.

3. The highest score should be 10, 20 or 100. The teacher must decide which system to use when publishing the Course.

4. Each step or level consists of :

a. A short video that should see the student. It can occasionally be replaced by a PDF or PPT Presentation.

b. Occasionally they may be asked to participate in a forum

c. They will then take a related what he saw in the video or the material he provided evaluation.

d. If they get a passing grade, immediately activate permission to access the next step, which in the meantime will remain collapsed.

e. This will be repeated again and again throughout the cycle from point “a ” to ” d”, and ending with the entire course, which is only possible if approved step by step, each level.

f. At the end they will get a final grade for the course, a certificate or card.

g. The notes will be recorded by each step and may be inspected by the student and the tutor.

h. They can print a report of ratings Viewpoint Tutor or teacher

1. The steps or modules of the course are variable and will be decided by the Tutor. May be 5, 10, 15 , 20 , or whatever is needed .

2. The rating system can be based on 10, 20 or 100 points.

3. At every step you will be provided the student with a video (preferred) or a PDF or PPT or other that will have to do and which will be questioned. They have to be able to embed this resource in the module.

4. Optionally they may be asked to resort to a discussion forum and be part of a topic. This is not essential but would be useful in some courses.

5. The evaluation questions for each module can be variable, as deemed necessary by the tutor, and will be developed in Hot Potatoes we will need to also be able to embed in the module.

6. The notes of each assessment should be automatically stored in the course information of each student.

7. The tutor must be able to condition monitoring or pass to another level as the mark obtained in the previous step.

8. At the beginning the student should be able to see only the first level and conditionally, depending on the results and what it deems desirable for the Guardian, you can view and run the module or next step.

9. To conclude, their notes will be recorded and the overall average and can weigh the result of a module at the discretion of the Tutor.

10. The student may not edit notes, but viewing and printing. The Tutor can see, print, and edit, which should be recorded in some tracking way if there is any disagreement.

11. The Tutor may decide that modules be developed by the student at a given time within a day , or several days, depending on the subject matter and the criteria it deems appropriate.