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Dear Support,

I would like to kindly request where I may find the Tutorials & Documetation for EDUCLEAN? I went to the download area of the theme and could not find any links to the tutorials (specifically for EDUCLEAN).

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.


  • michaeldg7
    • New Recruit

    Hi Tom,

    Sorry for my delayed reply. I'm so low-tech, I didn't even know you responded. Actually, I wanted to set up the EDUCLEAN site as a Video Gallery where teachers and educators can upload their own videos. Then after they upload their videos, the get automatically categorized in the correct gallery page.

    Is there a way I can send you a sample draft (on a PDF file) of the look I am trying to achieve? The picture can explain it far better than I can in words. Please let me know if and how I can send it to you.

    Thank you very much Tom.


  • michaeldg7
    • New Recruit

    Hi Tom,

    Please find herewith in the file attachment, a sample layout for the look I'm trying to achieve.

    On the bottom you will notice "Related Products for Sale". I am open to just having the products be pictures that are linked to a true e-commerce website, like Volusion.

    The goal however, it to ensure a gallery look, and the ability to have teachers and
    educators be able to post their profiles & photos on their own pages within the site.

    I am open to your suggestions as to whether EDUCLEAN is best for this, or if you feel another theme would be better.

    Looking forward to your feedback. Please see PDF attachment for sample layout.

    Thanks Tom.


  • Tom Eagles
    • Syntax Hero

    Hi @michaeldg7

    Ok took a look at what you are trying to achieve, the video clip icons do you want them generated automatically or are you going to manually edit them and add them in here? If manually you could use the service settings under theme options of the theme.

    the footers and related video links would have to be manually added by creating widget areas for this you would need to read through this documentation, then create a widget that displayed the related video content (best to use categories here)

    This would need a lot of customisation on your part, but for example for each video you could create a post or page for it and add a featured image of it (small image of the video) and use a gallery generated by the featured images.

    I hope this helps in some way



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