[educlean + WP 3.0] Profile box+ translation + widget issue

Hi me agin still with edublog.

My config for this site :


WP3.0 no buddypress

fr_FR hardcoded in wp-config.php

no extension activated,

site adress : http://horse-village.org

MUplugins yet installed :


WPMUdev notifications,

additionnals tags

global footer content

login image

post indexer




Educlean 2.1.3

Test localization activated in function.php

fr_FR.mo in language folder

Issues :

1 – Translation dont apply. serveral termes translated even without the mo file as in the profile box content now

2 – the sidebar widget still dont appear (as in first attempt), with or without fr_FR.mo installed, even in compatibility screen mode

3 – several text are not in po file (especially the one on default “more feature” page, and “currently powering” that I hardcoded, “join us here” and the profile box content)

4 – where the folder /files/ is supposed to be, since my server refuses the folder creation for service pics ? [solved]

Currently the mo file is not in the folder, there is a widget on each widget place, the meta one in sidebar.

/me crying

help ?