Effectively using WPMUDEV member profiles


I realized that we have 2 profiles here on the site and have a few questions and feature requests. I know, I know… me and my requests. :slight_smile:

For clarity, I’ll refer to both our public primary profile (ie, premium.wpmudev.org/signups28412) and our private jobs profile (ie, premium.wpmudev.org/?post_type=jobs_pro&p=1184619).

1) I’m not seeing the reason why we have 2 profiles, one public and one private. If there’s a specific reason, I don’t want to overlook it. Can anyone provide clarity on how each are intended to be used?

2) In the jobs profile, there is a Community Level number. Can someone elaborate on what the number means, or provide some context? For example, my number is 333, but what does that mean?

3) On the site, I’ve earned 449 Hero Points and 401 Reputation Points. On my jobs profile, it says I’ve earned 396 points – what are these points in reference to?

4) If the Community Level number is indicative of our activity on the site, it would be a nice additional to our primary profile (providing it had context) – and if so, I’d like to recommend this as a new feature.

5) Feature request: allow users to choose a custom profile URL, or base it on their display name.

Thanks for reading!