Electronic Products Not Downloading & Product costs Changing from Listed Price

Is there a reason that a pdf file will not download for people who purchase a product that we have listed as a pdf?
It asks for the format you want to use and then none of them will work unless you use IE as a browser. This sucks.

We've tested it a few times (with live Paypal and using $0.11 as the price with 3 downloads.

We are trying to have the following as products:

List an Event (somehow this is listed as a downloadable product) - $220 per calendar month.
Coaching - different options
Courses - online single price
Appointments - different options (this is screwing up - see below)

I just tried Appointments+ and MarketPress.
My appointments are going thru to the cart BUT a service listed and selected that costs $650 and takes 2 hours is showing up in the cart as $162.50!!!! Why is that?