[Elementor] 500 Internal Server Error with Elementor Plugin

When I have the Elementor plugin enabled, I receive a 500 Internal Server Error when I go to https://shikwaruhunting.co.za/huntingwithprideandpurpose/

I have gone through the process of checking the themes and plugins and did not find a solution.

I have checked the PHP settings and have all the memory settings maxed and am on 7.2.

I turned on debugging and can attach the log file if necessary.



p.s. I have enabled support access.

  • James Morris

    Hello Clay Hess

    I hope you are well today.

    Thank you for providing the above information. Yes, if you could attach the debug.log here, that would be most helpful.

    When you did your theme/plugin conflict test, did you do the following process?

    The simplest way to perform a plugin conflict test:
    * Login to your site via FTP
    * Navigate to wp-content
    * Rename the plugins folder to _plugins
    * Create a new folder named plugins
    * Move the plugin folder (ex: elementor) you want to test from _plugins to plugins
    * Then, one at a time, move other plugin folders over from _plugins to plugins until the symptom returns
    NOTE: While you are doing this, do not visit WP Admin -> Plugins on your site. This will ensure that your plugins remain active when you copy them back over.

    This, of course, would need repeated for plugins, themes and mu-plugins. I've found this to be the most reliable method of performing this test.

    I'm looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Best regards,

    James Morris

  • James Morris

    Hello Clay Hess

    Thank you for getting back to us on this. A lot will depend on your PHP configuration. For example, too low of a memory_limit can cause this symptom.

    In order to help you better with your issue, would you please grant me access to your site?

    You can learn how to grant WPMU DEV Support Access at the following link:


    Also, would you please also enable WP_DEBUG?

    To enable WP_DEBUG, change the following line in your wp-config.php file:

    define('WP_DEBUG', false);

    To this:

    // Enable WP_DEBUG mode
    define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );
    // Enable Debug logging to the /wp-content/debug.log file
    define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );
    // Disable display of errors and warnings
    define( 'WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false );
    @ini_set( 'display_errors', 0 );

    After you've visited the pages that are causing you problems, please go to wp-content/ on your server via FTP and download the debug.log file to your local computer. Then, open that file with a text editor like notepad (Windows), GEdit (Linux), or TextEdit (Mac). You can then save the file as a .txt file and upload it here as an attachment to your post.

    I look forward to seeing the results of your tests.

    Best regards,

    James Morris

  • James Morris

    Hello Clay Hess

    Thank you for enabling access. I was able to check your debug.log from your Dashboard using a debugging plugin I temporarily installed.

    There's a couple things I observed on your site. First, your configuration looks good and there's plenty of memory. So, that's not the issue.

    Checking your plugins, I'm seeing that you have Version 1.15.6 of Elementor Pro installed. The current version is 2.0.3. While updating may not fix the issue you are having, it's best to give this a try first.

    Here's the relevant debug.log entry that is causing your error:

    PHP Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to Elementor\Elements_Manager::create_element_instance() must be of the type array, string given, called in ~/public_html/wp-content/plugins/elementor/includes/css-file/post-css-file.php on line 152 and defined in ~/public_html/wp-content/plugins/elementor/includes/managers/elements.php:68

    This points to a bug in the Elementor software because create_element_instance() is expecting an array of values, but is getting a string instead. I did some digging around and was not able to find any other reports of this or any related information.

    I'm afraid fixing bugs in 3rd-party plugins/themes goes a bit beyond what we can support here. In this situation it would be best to contact the original developer, report this to them and ask them to look into this issue further for you.

    Elementor Support:

    Let us know if you have any further questions. We'll be happy to help! :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

    James Morris

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