Elementor not functioning due to PHP Memory Limit of WPMU DEV Hosting

I intended to host my new business website with WPMU DEV on the Bronze plan which is included in everybody’s membership (I was happy when this got introduced). Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be possible for my case unless I upgrade to the $50 per month Gold plan.

While building my new website with Elementor (like I always do) I noticed that the website got hung up again and again. One look at the error log revealed that the PHP memory limit was exhausted (“PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted”:wink:.

Working with Elementor regularly I can say this issue happens quite often. Elementor in conjunction with a couple of addons can be resource intensive.

Knowing that I usually increase the PHP memory limit in the wp-config.php to 512 MB (on shared hosting servers this always works). Unfortunately this doesn’t work with the WPMU DEV setup because on the Bronze plan has a PHP memory limit of 256MB.

Given WPMU DEV’s hosting is dedicated and each instance on Bronze plan only has 1GB RAM available I was willing to upgrade to a Silver plan (2GB RAM) assuming this plan might enable me to increase the memory limit to 512 MB. But unfortunately I was told by the support that also the Silver plan only allows for 256 MB.

Looking at the bigger picture. I read that WPMU DEV is working on a hosting reseller feature to arrive in 2020. I first wanted to test the hosting for my own website with my daily tools (including Elementor). And then if everything would run smoothly I wanted to resell WPMU DEV hosting to my own clients.

For now it appears to me that I can only host my Elementor websites with WPMU DEV if I use the expensive Gold plan. In order to get an allowance for a needed memory limit of 512 MB I’m supposed to pay $40 extra every month while I don’t need any other bells and whistles that come with the Gold plan? That seems a little excessive to me.

If there is not way to make this work on Bronze/Silver, my personal summary would be:
I need to host all my websites somewhere else and I can also host none of my client’s website with WMPU DEV hosting. And I would give a warning to any extensive Elementor user to host their websites with WPMU DEV Hosting (Bronze/Silver plan) unless they are willing to pay for the Gold plan.

I really like the idea to host all my websites including client websites with WPMU DEV hosting because I love their support and it’s convenient to have all tools in place that I use anyway (Hummingbird, Smush, The hub).

I would like WPMU DEV to think if there is anything that can be done to find a less cost-intensive solution for a simple memory increase. For instance, wouldn’t it be possible to allow 512 MB memory limit on the Silver plan?