Elementor websites hosted on WPMUDev

We’ve finally upgraded our very old websites and are currently hosting on WPMUDev. Things are good – except our sites are running kind of slow and I would like to speed them up as much as possible.

We are using a Gold server package, so all is good there. We have also installed both Smush and Hummingbird plugin. Again, all good so far.

We are however using Elementor and there is no avoiding that. We also have some very heavy query pages (category/archives running 3 loops). These tend to be the slow pages. I think this is where we are losing speed.

Really hoping to find someone with experience in Elementor in this matter. Elementor loads some big css files, and if we ‘minify’ or move the css to the footer, Elementor sometimes breaks. We also can’t cache a lot of our pages because when we serve up the listings on each archive/category page, the client’s ads are supposed to be in random order (caching prevents this).

According to Hummingbird, we are running below 60 right now. We have been as good as 96, but that is with all the caching turned on and the css and js ‘minified’ (going to tackle this again on a one by one basis, but it is a long process).

Here is a screenshot of our last speed test. Thanking you in advance for any help or advice.