Eliminating all servicesin educlean service-mode.php

How can I go about eliminating all services boxes from the services-mode.php page on educlean?

I removed all content from file service-mode.php and copied the file to edu-clean-child but still they are coming up. Apparently does because of the theme options.

What I want to do is to have only 1 item of the services or none at all so I can custom the css for that area.


  • Richie_KS
    • HummingBird

    hi joe do you have this file on child theme
    - front-left.php
    - services-mode.php

    if yes, changed front-left.php include() for services-mode and post-mode to

    <?php locate_template( array( 'service-mode.php'), true); ?>
    <?php locate_template( array( 'post-mode.php'), true); ?>

    the edits service-mode.php on child theme should pick up the changes now,


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