Eliminating Post Parts within the Actual Blog Post


When you add a post list on your site, it's very easy to add/remove post parts from the display. However, once you get inside that actual post it is difficult to remove elements like the author, gravatar, and featured image. Is there a way to quickly hide elements?



  • Patrick

    Hi there @Ryan

    I hope you're having a great day!

    In the current versions of Upfront themes, you can choose to show or hide the featured image in single posts by clicking the gear icon to edit any post. Then select the option you need in the popup dialog (see screenshot).

    However, to hide other elements in single posts, you would need to add a bit of custom CSS by clicking Theme Settings in the Upfront sidebar on the left of your screen, then click add custom css rules (screenshot).

    Add the following CSS in the editor at the bottom of your screen to hide the gravatar & author name. Click Save at the bottom right. Then, when you click the main Save button in the Upfront sidebar, be sure to select Apply to all posts of this type to get your CSS applied to, well, all posts of that type. :slight_smile:
    .upfront-postpart-author_gravatar, .upfront-postpart-author {display:none;}

    In an upcoming version, post parts will be much more flexible and you'll have more control over what does and does not get displayed when adding posts.

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