Email Alerts for low stock errors

I would like to ask that the developers for MarketPress look into adding an email alert to the store owner whenever a low stock error is triggered.

Here is the situation I’ve been having. Over the past few months, one of my store owners has received complaints from customers that they add products to the shopping cart only to receive during the checkout process “not enough in stock” and have their shopping cart changed. We have no idea what items this is occurring with, but on at least two occassions customers have reported this issue on items which the store owner has plenty in inventory and has shown a proper of them in the dashboard (as far as I know – provided the few customers who reported this error are doing so correctly).

Either way, it would be useful to receive an informative email from the system anytime a low stock message gets triggered that includes the name of the item as well as quantity of the purchase attempt that was made.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you.