Email Field Not indexed in Fundraising Pledge Search

I believe I may have discovered a bug in the Fundraising plugin...

The search function on the Pledges tab returns no results when searching for an email address. Search for a Pledge ID, however, and you will get the entry for that pledge. Can anyone replicate this? If not, @Jose has access credentials for our site at

FYI: On our site...
Pledge = Gift
Supporter = Donor

Paypal notifications do not include the Gift ID, only the transaction ID and Donor email address. When a recurring payment comes in, the Gift date is not updated do the Gift does not bump to the top of the list in the Admin. Therefore, you must scroll back to find the gift, or search for it. But when attempting to search Gifts using the email address, no results are returned.

To Replicate:
1. Visit Gifts/Pledges Admin tab
2. Copy a Pledge/Gift ID.
3. Paste ID into search.
4. Copy email address from Gift displayed.
5. Search for email address.
6. Get no results.

Is it just me?

NOTE: If this is unique to my install, please advise in which DB tables/rows I might find the Gifts and related data. I repaired and optimized both the _posts and _postmeta tables for the site and still have the issue.

Thanks in advance for the great support!