Email Frequency change to fortnight - option not available

Hi there.

Been using this plugin for years, but have a need to add a "fortnight" option to it.

Is this possible?


  • Panos

    Hi Ez ,

    Sincere apologies for delay here!

    I'm afraid this request needs several modifications in plugin's files so I will be moving this to our Features & Feedback section. Please keep in mind that the more positive votes this request receives the more likely it is to get included in future version.

    For now I can provide a workaround which seems to be working in my tests. I have modified in file wp-content/plugins/subscribe-by-email/subscribe-by-email.php the function that sets the weekly digest to set the next date to either 1st of next month or 15th of current month depending if current date is less than the 15th.

    I have attached this file here which you can download, unzip and upload to wp-content/plugins/subscribe-by-email/ folder

    I would recommend to rename you current file to subscribe-by-email.php.txt before uploading the new file so you can keep it as a backup.

    After uploading you can set in settings to weekly digest in order to set the fortnight date. The "What day of the week should the digest email be sent?" option will have no affect now as it will be set to either 1st or 15th.

    Hope this helps with your needs!

    Kind regards,

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