email "from" address is incorrect on outgoing email

I can't figure out why the "from" address in all outgoing email from my network is Everywhere I've looked it is set to be, which is what it is suppose to be. I checked the settings for "WP Mail SMTP", "eNewsletter", as well as the "Mass Email Sender plugins". Also checked the network admin email settings. Can you think of anywhere else I should be looking? Have you seen this problem before?

  • xbladerunner
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    This issue has been resolved. I'm using the WP Mail SMTP plugin which allows me to have a different outgoing email address than the one listed in the general wordpress admin settings. I was using a google account for SMTP, but didn't have the support@ authorized to send outgoing email -- only the myname@, so the "from line" of emails only reported the authorized address. Once I authorized the support@ address within my google account settings, all the email from my website started being as intended -- from the support@ address. Hope this helpful to anyone else searching through here with a similar question.

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