Email Integration

Hi! I am trying to do email integration with convertkit after a new student joins my course on CoursePressPro. Is this an option? Thank you


  • Fee
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    Any updates on this or ANY compatibility with ConvertKit? Super small businesses are choosing ConvertKit over it’s similar competition and saving hundreds of $$$, it seems like large developers like WPMU could stand to be a bit more welcoming to little guys like us. I faithfully pay for WPMU membership (and so do many others) hoping that one day our ‘requests’ become important enough because we like what you are doing in general. There’s not much I can use here and I still pay. Just a perspective.

  • Johnny
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    Yes, ConvertKit needs to be supported in several of your plugins. More and more bloggers and big guys are moving over to ConvertKit.

    Even Patt Flynn made the change!

    I’m missing ConvertKit support for Hustle…

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